Spirit of Caledonia Promise "Lotta" hat im Oktober bei wunderschönem Sonnenschein
ihrem "Louis"
"Itani Looking Like Louis" gezeigt, was Liebe ist.
Das Ergebnis erwarten wir Anfang Dezember 2011...


Itani Looking Like Louis


Itani Prince Louis GBCH. Potterdale Privilege GBCH. Pepperland Lyric John At Potterdale
GBCH. Potterdale Persuasion
Potterdale Thatcher Potterdale Politician
GBCH. Potterdale Personality
GBCH.Pattishawl Tickity Boo At Itani GBCH. Coalacre Lampoon Tamevalley Lamplighter Of Labooshar
Melanday Whispered Moment At Coalacre
Pattishawl Naughty But Nice Snowmead Senator
Potterdale Performance
Spirit of Caledonia Promise 


Dt. Jgd. Champion,
Dt. Champion (VDH)
Spirit of Caledonia David

M.Ch. River Bell’s Noble-Neil Ch. First Grey Rinty of Pribardom

Ch. Beardie Connections Knock-Out

Ch. Sweet Mimi of Pribardom

Ch. Actual Fawn Edition Spirit of Caledonia

Ch. Ebony Ballantrae of Benmore

Dt. Jgd. Champion,
Esg. ´98/´99
Int. Champion,
Lux. Champion,
Dt. Champion Club + VDH
Scottsdale Beautiful Blessing

Ch. Sammaras Midas Touch

Ch. Potterdale Conclusion

Ch. Desborough Destiny of Sammara
Ch. Potterdale Piccadilly

Potterdale Politician

Ch. Potterdale Personality